Best case for iphone 7 sale in Amazon UK, Ebay

Not sure which clear case to protect your new¬†iPhone 7¬†with? Well, there are tons of great options that are already available, and many more that are likely to make their way to the market. Whether you want your clear case to be protective or just something thin to prevent some scratches, you can easily find one to meet your needs. Let’s take a look at some of the best clear options for the nike iPhone 7 cases and see which will work best for you.
Speck Presidio
If you want to have a protective case that doesn’t take away from the beauty of your iPhone 7 color choice, Speck’s Presidio case is the way to go. The case provides a solid layer of protection that is designed to take impact to the phone, and it won’t yellow over time, so it will remain crystal clear.
With its scratch-resistant coating, you can ensure that both your phone and case stay looking great, and the precise cutouts make it easy to access all your ports. You may pay a bit more for this case than other clear ones, but it is worth every penny you pay for it.
Spigen Air Cusion
Spigen is a well-known case maker, and the company offers a number of options to match various preferences. If you are looking for a great thin clear case, this may be the one to consider. The case offers a form fit, and is fully clear, allowing you to show off the back and sides of the phone and keep them protected
You won’t add bulk to the phone, and it keeps it easy to hold thanks to its hard back and TPU-coated sides. Coming in at just over $10 at Amazon, you really can’t go wrong by picking up one of these to try out.
Caseology Skyfall
Clear cases are traditionally, well … clear. These come with accent colors so you can still show off a bit of your style while showing off the color of your phone. Caseology offers its Skyfall Series cases with a variety of accent colors so that you can find one that looks great with your phone, and even mix and match a bit.
The coloring is around the edges of the nike iphone 7 plus cases, with the main part of the back remaining clear. It maintains a slim profile while preventing scratches on your phone,