Why I more like the iphone 6 Upgrade to Iphone 7


As an Nike iPhone 6 case user myself, it gets to the point of annoyance when you have to think twice about using mobile data for accessing the internet since you know your phone won’t last long after that. Also boasting of stereo speakers, it is sure to improve on the regular speakers formerly used.

But perhaps the biggest doubt surrounding the iPhone 7 is the absence of a headphone jack and wireless airpods. The ‘easy to lose’ airpods have definitely been the butt of quite a few jokes on social media.

But he assures that their magnetic storage case is the perfect place to keep them. And addressing the issue of the airpods falling out, he said that the weight of the wires of previous earphones is what actually caused them to fall out.

He has personally never lost an airpod despite walking and jogging on treadmills among other day to day stuff.

And perhaps the biggest revelation he makes is that the bigger battery and stereo speakers have all been possible only because of the removal of the headphone jack.

Apparently, the jack takes up a lot of space which can be better used in giving the customers with nike case for iphone 6 more important features. Wireless does seem to be the future.

While I agree that the newer features sound nice, it does not change all that much from the previous edition. iPhones have always been dynamic and forward-thinking, could they really not have incorporated anything more?

While impactful, I’m not sure the changes are enough to win over the demanding audience. And with every other brand striving for the top with steady progression, Apple needs to bring its A-game if it wants to survive amidst the gruelling competition.

Also, I had heard that the iPhone 7 would have wireless charging. No such luck, I guess, but I believe that would have been a much better feature than the wireless headphones which will obviously continue to be the target of speculation no matter how much apple defends it.

Still, it is the best iPhone . Not in terms of invention of nike iphone 6 plus case, but certainly in terms of tweaking the former edition for a more efficient performance.

Whether the changes are enough to satisfy the iPhone users, only time will tell. But on the basis of pre-orders, it seems no matter what Apple does it won’t lose its custom