As for me ,what’s special of iphine6

Apple’s choice of camera sensor first disappointed me when I heard about it. The camera is still an 8 megapixel sensor with the same f/2.2 aperture as last year’s model of iphone 6 case amazon. After using the camera in a range of situations, though, I’m impressed with it and my initial disappointment is long gone.

The new phase-detection autofocus is very fast and generally accurate. Aside from a few times, the camera quickly picked out the object I was shooting and focused in fast. Continuous autofocus when shooting video is excellent to have. And the new 240fps slo-motion capture has created some interesting videos; here are two of me trying to keep up with my dog as he runs around outside in circles — he’s quick! — and another of an outdoor fire that’s mesmerizing.

A professional photographer has already shown the capabilities of the new iPhone 6 camera so if you know what you’re doing, you can capture stunning images. The front facing camera is improved, particularly if you want to take HDR selfies. (I do not, but that’s just me.)

Are there better smartphone cameras on the market today? Certainly. I’d say most of the Lumia handsets will meet or exceed the iPhone 6 in some situations, for example. But for most people, Apple’s phone will take better pictures than they’d expect. Put another way: For a wide range of photos and videos, this is a great camera that’s pretty simple to use. Here are a number of stills I captured using the standard Camera app with Auto HDR and a single type of edit — the auto-enhance feature native to iOS.

Apple also upgraded the amazon iphone 6 cases cute low-power chip for sensors: The new M8 keeps the same sensors as last year and adds a barometer to measure air-pressure changes. This comes in handy when counting how many flights of stairs you climb daily, which can be tracked automatically by Apple’s Health app.

Wi-Fi now supports 802.11ac networks and my home router supports this faster Wi-Fi protocol. Wireless speed tests from nearly anywhere in my house on the iPhone 6 consistently show faster speeds, sometimes equalling the 75 Mbps home broadband connection I have with wired devices. I’ve also seen better signal quality in general, although with the latest software update the Wi-Fi doesn’t seem as stable as it was.

The iPhone 6 can work with Voice over LTE on Verizon and Wi-Fi Calling on T-Mobile. I have an AT&T model, however, so I haven’t been able to test either of these services. My voice calls have been no different from last year’s iPhone 6 cases amazon girly. Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS are also supported, as you’d expect.



How to Choose a Good Made Iphone 7 Cases in UK

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